About Us

Richard Hillgrove of 6HILLGROVE


6 Hillgrove Public Relations, founded by Richard J. Hillgrove VI, fuses together all of the various disciplines of media communications to create One Vision.

Richard Hillgrove, a descendant of Northern & Shell Media group’s advertising floor, has 10 years’ experience as a PR professional out on his own, bringing to the table no derivatives, bulls eyes with no fluff approach. Just penetrative, death-defying and straight between the eyes PR.

6 Hillgrove Public Relations is the world’s only truly cutting edge, brave and controversial (when necessary) public relations consultancy. We relate your message to the public through content delivered via print, TV, radio waves or online in a single bound. It’s all under one roof top. The very best professionals. Where timing is everything. We get where no one else can. One Vision. The way of the future.

Picture by KI PRICE