Happy Clients

John Bird MBE

To me Richard is the kind of promoter I could have done with for the last 20 years. Now I’ve got him I’m not going to let him go – and I say this in all sincerity. He and his people are self-starters. He believes in the power of intervening and not being passive about your name and brand.

John Bird MBE, Founder of The Big Issue



oe Corré

6 Hillgrove PR have an approach that cuts through the crap and actually works. 6 Hillgrove have the ability to break the mould using a radical approach which delivers where others fail.  In today’s media saturated information overloaded media environment, the cost of conventional PR no longer delivers value or cut through. I have achieved more with 6 Hillgrove in the first month than I have in years with other PR companies.

Joe Corré, Co-founder of Agent Provocateur and Head of TalkFracking.org




Richard Hillgrove and his team are forward-looking, outside the box thinkers, who get the bit between their teeth and run with it. They have cleverly utilised a combination of Personal, Consumer and Corporate PR to elevate Chase Vodka’s brand reputation internationally and increase sales. They understand the nuance of brand and how to use the media to amplify its impact on an audience. I highly recommend their approach, which is unique and highly effective.

William Chase, Founder of Tyrrells Crisps and Chase Vodka




Richard is not very good at tennis. But f*&%ing excellent at PR. I highly recommend him.

Lancelot Clark, Clarks Shoes and Soul of Africa



Martin Miller

Richard Hillgrove is a P-Roper PR man. He executes with precision and is exceptional at what he does.

The Late Martin Miller, Founder of Miller’s Antiques Guides and Miller’s Gin



Richard Spinks

6 Hillgrove are experts I trust with my personal image and corporate reputation. They get where others can’t get.

Richard Spinks, CEO, Active Energy Group



Dr Nigel Griffiths

6 Hillgrove are incredibly deadly in their ability to convey the truth to a mass audience, no matter how difficult or impossible that may seem to able to achieve at critical times.

Dr. Nigel Griffiths, Former ‘Secretary’, Department of Trade and Industry and Former Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

John Moreton

I have worked with Hillgrove on three different business ventures. They have been highly effective and professional. They get where noone else can get.

John Moreton, Founder of Southern Cross Healthcare




When we acquired Little Chef in January 2007, Hillgrove was instrumental and highly effective at letting everyone – consumers and the financial community – know that Little Chef was open for business. They’re creative and they deliver and we would heartily recommend them.

Peter Ward and Jamie Constable, Partners of R Capital and former owners of Little Chef



Nick Wheeler

Hillgrove see the big picture and use radical, innovative and unconventional techniques to get great publicity.

Nick Wheeler, Founder of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts



Trudie Styler

Hillgrove rocks… I love working with them!

Trudie Styler, Sting’s wife and Founder of Lake House Table



Hillgrove were thorough in their approach to promoting my new book ‘Switched On’, utilising every category of media to gain traction, whether that was from women’s press, TV, radio, newspapers, entrepreneurial/management and HR press. No stone was left unturned and as a result of their great work Switched On got great publicity. I highly recommend them.

Sahar Hashemi, Founder of Coffee Republic



I worked with Hillgrove on one of my campaigns and was impressed with their results. They are original thinkers!

Annabel Karmel MBE, Founder of Annabel Karmel